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Does your application need support?

In order to run smoothly over time, website, mobile and software applications should be continually maintained. They need to be monitored regularly and any bugs in them detected and fixed.
If a support arrangement is not put in place there is a risk that your system will fail or not function as intended in the future. This is why we offer you support that is suited to your needs and caters for your future growth.
At ACL we can support your applications whether they were developed initially by us, or another software company. We have expertise in many technologies including .NET, PHP, SQL, Java, Html5, Javascript, WPF and many more.
We have a standard maintenance process for handling maintenance requests of all kinds which ensures that you receive a swift response and are kept fully updated on the progress.

Maintenance by SLA

Service level agreement (SLA) maintenance works based on a retainer model. For a fixed monthly fee, a certain amount of engineers’ time will be reserved for you and not assigned to any other client. This enables us to respond to your support requests swiftly and with a guaranteed response time.
SLA is a great way of reducing the risk of sudden problems affecting your business. It will also keep your system running at optimal levels with regular monitoring.

Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance

Also known as ad-hoc maintenance, here we offer services which don’t have to be paid for monthly. You can simply send your support request and pay for that on a pay-as-you-go model.
The benefit of pay-as-you-go maintenance compared to SLA maintenance is that it gives you more control on how to spend your support hours. This can help you save money as you only pay for the service hours actually used, without a fixed monthly cost.

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