PPC Services

What is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click’ advertising refers to ‘sponsored ads’ which appears on the top and right hand side of search engines. This is called Pay-Per-click ads where people ‘bid’ for clicks from keywords and based on quality score (Keywords, Bid, Description) ads are appearing.

How PPC Services suits your business?

Basically, PPC advertising suits all the business doesn’t matter how small, medium or big are. All the business would like to get more enquiries to grow their business.

Pay Per Click Management helps to drive traffic to your website with a budget that suits you and for that you do not need to wait for moths; It can start from right now.

With ACL you get-

  • A package to suit your budget needs
  • Full control of your campaign and budget
  • Ability to turn ads on and off within minutes
  • In-depth tracking & reporting on your performance
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PPC is a great way to gain more enquiries and visibility for your business. For more information regarding PPC services, call us on 0118 907 6201 or fill up our online enquiry form.

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