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To achieve the business objectives of implementing new systems, changes related to process & organisation are generally necessary. These are usually the most difficult and sensitive aspects of a programme or project because they deal with the way people work.

In order for IT programmes to be successful, organisations therefore need to consider both the technical and the organisational change implications together. Throughout the delivery of an IT transformation programme the different stakeholder groups need to be engaged to ensure that the changes delivered are understood and managed so that they can be absorbed into business as usual activities.

ACL does not view change management as a one off activity that happens as the technology programme goes live, rather it is a series of co-ordinated activities within & across the business.

There are a number of stages of change that all projects tend to undergo, we however, tailor specific activities according to the scale & needs of a programme. Typically we help clients in the following areas:
1> Organisation Design: working with clients to identify the key business processes, channels-to-market & target operating models that will need to be delivered & enabled by both IT solutions and the business operating model.
2> Assessing capability: working with clients to ensure that staff have the skills, capabilities and conditions to work successfully during the change and after its implementation.
3> Defining IT Strategy : working with clients to define the IT strategy and how it relates to the business strategy over a typical 2-3 year window, defining the benefits desired, the resulting portfolio of work, and a suitable investment proposal.
4> Communications, Stakeholder Management & Business Readiness: working with clients to ensure staff are informed & engaged via structured communications & mobilisation efforts, and that the rationale for, and the benefits of, the change programme are properly established & understood.
5> Business Analysis: working with clients to help shape their business requirements, driving towards a common operating model; focusing on adopting standard solutions and reducing complexity associated with IT solutions.

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