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How come IT strategy connected with business process management and improvements?

Business process management is often not tightly integrated with technology driven IT strategies. Worrying about process effectiveness and efficiency has become a lower priority for many organisations as the focus shifts to establishing digital strategies.

With the increase in mobile technologies, proliferation of online channels and social-media all changing how businesses interact with the consumer, it can be all too easy to get distracted by ‘shiny new technology toys’. However, we have already seen many examples of ineffective digital strategies and delays in delivering strategic online investment from online or high street brands due to them neglecting business process optimisation and integration.
Business process management must be at the heart of every organisation’s IT strategy. Information accessibility, usability, productivity and data quality are the levers that control this tricky investment layer balancing the desired level of innovation with the need to support the IT fundamentals. Therefore investing in continuous process improvement delivers the greatest value from technology investments:

1> Data Quality: reduction of cost to fixing poor data and lost revenue due to poor data and integration
2> Productivity: automation of processes, reducing errors and reallocation of resource to higher value add activities
3> Accessibility: access to simple and clear management information, fosters optimal decision making
4> Usability: processes simplification, drives ERP adoption and reallocation of resource to higher value add activities

By adopting a value engineering approach focused on data, productivity, accessibility and usability organisations will maximise the value they derive from existing enterprise solution investment, while also ensuring they are ready, willing and able to introduce a new service or product innovation.

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