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Find out if your business software-is in need of an update?


Businesses try and do everything they can to work as efficiently as possible. Often problems occur which affect the overall performance of the business, and results in increase downtime. A lot of difference can be made simply by updating your business software so that it fits your requirements. Replacing your software can be a daunting step to take, so when do you know that you need to update the software that you’re using?

Outdated software can become inflexible

Software that is outdated can become unresponsive and lose functionality as it cannot grow as the business expands. Not all the desired requirements can be carried out if they are adapted over time to meet growing functions. In the long term this can limit organisations and their growth.

Integrating systems becomes an issue

With time, as your requirements change, it can be difficult to find software which works for every area of your business. Data can become decentralised and processes duplicated across different departments over a period of time. This takes up a large amount of storage space. When you are finding that you are encountering integration issues, it is a good sign that you should consider updating your systems.

Frequent downtime

When downtime occurs on more than one occasion, it begins to significantly impact the overall business efficiency, productivity and service available to customers. This may be due to software being outdated, inflexible and not meeting the needs of the company, or simply that it is not suitable to meet your demands.

Ineffective reporting

Reporting is a great way to measure business goals and progress. Where there is disparity of data across the system it can make reports inaccurate and ineffective. Once you have a fully integrated software system, less time will be wasted accessing data from different sources. This will also help to boost staff performance and productivity as usability of the system is easier. Sales pipelines can be monitored and conversion increased, helping your Leadership Team to strategically grow your business.

Unhappy customers

When your software systems are causing your customers to notice problems and becoming dissatisfied, it is important to think about updating your software. By looking at your user satisfaction and engagement, businesses can see which areas need addressing, for example if unresponsive software is causing slower response times or lack of support.

Bespoke software to keep you up to date

Unlike off-the-shelf packages, bespoke software packages are able to expand and grow to meet your changing requirements, and is designed to specifically cater to the necessities of your company operations. Over time, performance increases, and continued support from your outsourced provider guarantees reliability. You also benefit from the expertise of the developers whilst leaving you with a better return on investment as your staff productivity increases.

To discuss your bespoke requirements, call the ACL team on 0118 9076201who will be happy to help.

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